Being Healthy Leads to Happiness

It’s an obvious statement when we say that the most important ingredient to being your best self and living your best life… is you. You do it for yourself. Your body is your temple and sometimes we get too busy to take care of ourselves, we run out of the time and energy. It’s funny though, the only way to give yourself more energy is to nurture yourself: your mind, body, and soul.

“#1 Health Rule: Give yourself permission to be healthy… Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”- Michelle Obama

I understand we all have different priorities, but what a difference it can make when you can get some time to yourself, doing something your mind and body enjoy doing. Do yourself a favor, unearth yourself from your busy schedules and every day demands. Listen to your body, what do you feel it needs at this moment? If you need to be refreshed, then rest; if you need more energy, then move; do you need to clear your head or maybe just need some silence, then take a break and get some fresh air. Most often, it’s our daily routines that get in the way preventing us from having time for self-care. Try and work it in to your daily grind and let yourself seek balance to feel happy, healthy, and have the ability to find your own personal space. It all starts with your attitude, so look forward to the positive change you’re trying to make in your life and it WILL make a difference.

Focus on being the greatest version of YOU!





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Top 10 Benefits of Wearing A Steel Boned Corset

We’ve watched the unique styles and trends of corsets expand throughout centuries on many women, regardless of their shapes and sizes. With the different styles at an ultimate high, it’s important to become educated when you want to purchase a good quality steel boned corset. Many retailers sell corsets that may be misconstrued as a steel boned corset, but not all corsets necessarily have the same benefits.

Our Fashion Corsets, for instance, are plastic boning corsets and are not recommended to wear every day or in place of waist training because they bend out of shape frequently. These particular corsets are affordable at a low cost, for the benefit of a fashion statements and to feel confident and sexy. The Authentic Steel Boned Corsets, however, are higher quality corsets used for many beneficial purposes, but most popular for holding in your midsection and breasts for that flattering hourglass figure. The steel boning throughout the corset helps maintain its shape and the layers of fabric make it more reliable for every day use. These styles range in lengths and fabrics, and are most popular for the unique Victorian Era style known as Steampunk Corsets, and of course the double-steel boned Waist Training Corset, which is used to trim down your waist into the shape of the corset.

So are you stuck trying to decide if the talk is true, and a steel boned corset is really what you’re looking for? Here are some top beneficial reasons to opt for steel boned corsets:

  • it’s a better quality corset- the steel bones and layers of fabric help maintain the corset shape to prevent bending and last a longer period of time
  • holds in loose skin in the midsection for a slimmer physique
  • can reduce back pain and improve posture dramatically
  • ability to adjust lacing to your desired comfort- comes equipped with a 5-6″ modest panel to cover flesh in the back
  • minimize menstrual cramps by applying pressure on the peritoneal organs
  • use as a weight loss aide- will not allow much expansion of the stomach
  • experience more of an hourglass shape
  • worn to reshape for a more feminized figure- narrow down the waist
  • can be worn under or over clothing
  • can also be worn by men who need back support or slimmer midsection

We hope this information helps you decide if the steel boned corset will be beneficial to your needs!

Thanks for reading!


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Summer is Quickly Approaching.. Are You Ready?

How are you feeling with summer being just a month away? Are you feeling confident and ready for the heat, or are you still needing that extra push to feel at your absolute best? It’s the time of the year we all are anxious about, whether it’s your summer vacations you’ve been saving for, a wedding you’ve been dreaming of, beach trips and pool parties while soaking up the sun with your friends, or showing off your hard work and progress in your new bikinis and sundresses you’ve been dying to wear. Summer is the season we strive toward. It’s a sure thing that diet and exercising can help boost your confidence and give you the energy to get through your days, but we all know that also takes a lot of time and motivation, which we all may claim to not have enough of. If this sounds like you, then you might want to try and consider ordering one of our popular Waist Training corsets.

Our selection of Waist Training corsets are used for tight-lacing and waist-reduction, resulting in more of an hourglass figure. Not only does this style corset help you lose inches on your waist, it also helps attain great posture and lower back pain. The double-steel boning in the corsets help maintain a stiff structure which may seem uncomfortable at first, but once the corset is worn in and molded to your body it will contribute to a more comfortable fit.

Which Waist Trainer do I choose?

As the style of Waist Training corsets continues to expand, the harder it may be to choose your perfect one. Our selection includes corsets of different colors, lengths, boning, and fabrics, so it’s important to read the description of the product to make sure it best suits your figure. If this is your first waist trainer, we recommend ordering an underbust corset as it only covers your midsection and is easier to get used to.

Breaking in your new Waist Trainer

It’s important to take your time when starting off with your new waist training corset. With the stiff structure, you will notice a limitation on your movement that may take some getting used to. These corsets are supposed to be very form fitting and tight, but not to the point where you are having trouble breathing. We suggest wearing the corset up to 3-4 hours for the first few days until you begin to notice more of a looser fit, and then exceed the hours based on your preference of comfort. Remember a slow and steady pace, wins the race!

Staying cool during Summer!

As Summer approaches, many think that wearing a Waist Trainer will cause you to sweat more. This can be true, but there are ways to avoid this issue.

  • You have the option of wearing the corset under or over your clothing, whichever you may prefer. To keep cool and avoid sweat stains when wearing it underneath, a liner or thin fabric can be used for a light layer in between the corset and your skin. Breathable fibers are most helpful, and finding a material that will absorb the sweat will keep you more dry. Liners can also keep the dirt, oil, and sweat away for your corset to help keep a fresh feeling.
  • When dealing with sweat, heat, and irritation, using a powder can always be a solution! Powder can help absorb the sweat while acting as a dry lubricant. This option can also be used with or without a liner, although wearing a liner would keep your corset cleaner.
  • Of course, sticking to lighter colors and fabrics will also help during the heat. The neutral colors are friendlier than the darker ones this time of year, unless you’re goal is to sweat even more! Again, we recommend a more breathable fabric. For instance, our cd045 White Cotton waist trainer would be a great choice!



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How to Choose the Right Corset

Have you caught yourself stuck in between choosing your perfect corset, or maybe not knowing where to begin? We understand that it can be quite the challenge nowadays when determining which style suits your best interest, so here we’ve provided some recommendations on where to begin with these extravagant variety of undergarments that we have offered for you. A brief understanding in corset history helps us objectify the purpose in these flattering products, and how it has transformed over the past few decades. The corset reached it’s peak in the 19th century during the Victorian Era, where women wore them for an image of elegance and beauty, and have now transitioned back to modern day mainstream where they are popular for being worn for multiple reasons. The expansion of styles have led to new fashion and weight loss trends, including that of fashion corsets, authentic steel-boning corsets, waist training, under/over bust corsets, leather/vinyl corsets, and also plus size corsets to encourage women to flaunt their beautiful figures. Following, we have listed a couple steps on how to discover the perfect corset, for a more confident you!

Sizing and Measurements:

One of the first things needed when purchasing a corset is your measurements to determine the best size for your figure. These measurements are very important, as corsets are more form fitting than a regular t-shirt or pant size that you may usually wear. For both men and women, a bust/chest measurement with cup size, natural waist (2″ above bellybutton), and hip measurements are needed; it’s important to go off your natural measurements when referring to our size chart, so we do not recommend trying to order a size smaller. As you may notice, we do have two separate size charts for our corsets:

  • For the authentic corsets, we suggest taking 4″-6″ off of your natural waist measurement (depending on extra soft tissue) to determine your size. The bust and hip area would open to about 10″ more if needed, and also has a 6″ modest panel for some extra coverage in the back of the corset.
  • Our fashion corsets, however, correspond most to your natural waist and bust measurements and proceed to going off of the size chart.

Choosing Your Style:

  • Fashion Corsets: These corsets are plastic boning corsets, they are not made for cinching in your waist; they are commonly used for fashion or bedroom purposes, to bring out your inner sexy! This style includes a variety of overbust, underbust, leather/vinyl, and plus size corsets at a very low cost!
  • Authentic Steel-Boning Corsets: This collection of corsets are built with 12-24 (depending on style) steel bones that can really slim down your waist when worn. These corsets may vary in styles including our waist training and steampunk corsets, fabric material, and lengths, so it’s important to read the descriptions provided to be sure that the corset fits your best interests.
  • Waist Training Corsets: Our selection of waist trainers is perfect for those who are looking to trim down they’re waist! These styles also range in fabric, boning, lengths, overbust/underbust, and color to best suit your personality. A little FYI, you most likely will be stiff and uncomfortable the first few times wearing your new waist trainer, it’s like breaking in a new pair of shoes! It will eventually mold to your figure once you wear and loosen it up a bit.

    Here we have our popular waist trainer cd045 black/satin being put to good use!

  • Steampunk Corsets: Our popular steampunk corsets are very fashionable and also have potential for waist reduction. This style relates back to the 19th century where they typically featured steam-powered machinery. This collection varies in many styles and magnificent details with extremely great pricing!

We hope that this information may help you get started on purchasing your perfect corset! A stunning corset is an essential part to your undergarment collection, and here at The Fashion Corset Shop, we encourage you to bring out your confidence and inner sexy with our variety of styles at an extremely low price. With the lowest prices online, we can guarantee that you can buy the corsets of your choice. With our corsets, you will have the sexiest figure that others will envy! Don’t forget our wide range of accessories to help achieve your overall look.

We are always open for questions and suggestions from our new and loyal customers, remember, we’re here to help you!


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Cotton Waist Training Corset

Get ready for the warmer weather with one of cotton waist training corsets. Just in our beautiful 045 double steel boned cotton waist training corset is a perfect corset for the warmer weather. This beautiful corset is made with 24 steel bones and will definitely add some shape to your body. Only a limited supply is available so don’t wait to order.
steel boned waist training corsets

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Want a chance for a Free Corset.

Are you a fan of us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram? If not, be sure to follow us, you could win a free corset. The Fashion Corset Shop does giveaways on both facebook and Instagram, so if corsets are your style check us out on facebook, or visit our site We carry both authentic steel boned corsets and fashion corsets. Also in our lineup of authentic steel boned corsets is our great selection of steampunk corsets. Follow us and get your chance at a free corsets. Like our facebook page here, follow us on instagra @fashioncorsetshop.

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Another New Design from The Fashion Corset Shop

The Fashion Corset Shop continues to add to its steel boned corset collection. Our latest addition is another beautiful brown and cream brocade steel boned corset with jacket set. If you have not purchased one of our steel boned corsets give them a try, the quality is superb. Also we stock all our items right here in southern california, we are not shipping from china, the UK, or india, so standard shipping is usually only 2-3 days.

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More Steampunk Corsets

The Fashion Corset Shop continues to add to its selection of Steampunk Corsets. Our latest add-on is a beautiful black brocade steel boned corset with brown faux leather pouches. All of the steampunk corsets at the fashion corset shop are steel boned and are of the highest quality. If you have not tried one of our corsets visit us today and check out our great
Black Brocade Steampunk Corset

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What it Corset Tight Lacing?

Many people have different feelings at what tight lacing for corsets is. We believe it is up to the the individual, as to what they consider tight lacing. A lightly laced corset is when the wearer really does not even feel like they are wearing a corset. A moderately laced corset has some waist reduction, and the wearer knows they are wearing the corset. A moderately laced corset is still comfortable and does have some waist reduction. A tight laced corset the wearer definitely knows they are wearing a corset. We use this during photo shoots. Waist reduction is very noticeable and wearing a corset for a length of time is only advised to seasoned vets. An over tight corset is one where the individual is not comfortable at all, pain may be felt, and it is hard to breathe. We do not recommend this at all. Corseting should be fun and enjoy the fit, not uncomfortable and painful. For some great corsets that are good for tight lacing visit The Fashion Corset Shop

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Your New Steel Boned Corset from The Fashion Corset Shop

You just received your beautiful steel boned corset now what to do with the corset. A steel boned corset will need to be broken in and molded to your body. The first time you put on your new corset you should not lace it as tight as possible, the corset will take some time to mold to your body. This will ensure your corset will be as comfortable as possible and will make the corset last longer. The first wearing we recommend tightening the corset until it is snug not too tight, after about an hour tighten the lacing some more and wear it for another hour. If the modesty panel is still not covering the back, don’t worry as you will be repeating this process over the next week, each time tightening the corset a bit more. After about 8-10 hours, the corset will begin to mold to your body and should be as tight as you are comfortable with wearing.

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