Wear & Care for your New Corset

The corset can be beneficial to your health for many reasons, which is why we see the corset community growing rapidly worldwide. The corset is defined as a garment that is worn to hold in and train the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes, and also emotional purposes. Some quick benefits of wearing this desirable garment is that it can aid and correct posture, which may relieve other areas of the body, support the lower back, slim the waist drastically, and they can be very fashionable underneath and over clothing. If your new to the corset community, here we have some tips on getting started and caring for your new corset. Enjoy!
  • Getting started
You always want to remember to loosen the ties in the back of the corset before putting the garment on and taking it off. If not, your risk damaging or popping off one of the front snaps, which can be very pricy when in need of a repair. As you will have a corset that is two to four inches smaller than your natural waist size, first loosen the lacing a few inches before putting it on. When snapping the corset in the front, don’t start at the top or bottom or your task will become quite difficult.
To begin closing the corset, it helps to exhale and contract the midsection inward as you fasten the middle snap. You can use this process in reverse to take the corset off. Remember to always unloosen the ties before taking it off.
If you’re alone putting on your corset, it’s best to place the modest panel (if there is one) down the center of your back. Trying to keep it as straight as possible, slowly bring the corset around to the front and fasten it. To begin tightening, work your laces slowly towards the middle where the loops are, and pull the loops toward the front of you to tighten it to your preference. Once satisfied, tie a bow at the center back or front of the corset.
You want to begin by wearing the corset for about 2-4 hours, and for several times thereafter. Following, you can start to extend wear about 6-8 hours for several times more before you begin tightening the corset further. “Moderation” is key to this process!
Starting with a good routine of corset wearing will begin the process of seasoning your corset, which is very important for the garment to sculpt to your body. At no time should your corset feel uncomfortable or painful, if so, then it’s too tight! You should feel a pleasant “hugging” sensation and have the ability to enjoy your excellent posture. The goal is to wear the corset comfortably snugged for longer and longer periods, rather than tightly laced for only a few minutes.
  • Cleaning your Corset
You should only clean your corset when it is absolutely needed, the less you clean your corset the longer it will last and look beautiful.
Most corsets should be dry cleaned, mostly brocades and silk styles. However, hand washing is another method and highly preferred. You never, ever want to machine wash your corset! Hand washing minimizes the chance of rust on the spring steel busk and boning. The secret is to dry your corset within a 2-4 hour period and to never let it remain wet over night. This, however, will not guarantee against rust. If rust does appear, you can apply a fabric safe rust remover.
Never expose your corset to sunlight when drying, as it may fade the color of the garment. It’s recommended to use a soft toothbrush very lightly to remove stubborn stains with a soap and warm water. Towel dry the corset and you may hang it on a plastic hanger, using the laces to drape over the hanger. You always want to use extreme caution when washing your valuable item.
If you every have any questions regarding your new corset, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try to answer your concerns as best as we can. We love to hear from our customers about their corset experiences. Congrats on your new garment, valued customer!
Happy corseting!
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Live Your Life, Your Way…

It’s what we all want, but how many of us can actually say we do? We all have the freedom to make decisions in our lives, so if you’re not happy with where you are, then why not make a change. Life itself, is constantly revolving around change.
Today, society has a major impact on the way many of us live our lives, as in fitting in and doing what seems to be right, by doing what everyone else is doing. To take on life and be the person you’ve always wanted to be, it takes bravery, strength, confidence, passion, and much time to be the change you’ve always dreamed of.
I’m here to tell you some truths about change. Read them, breathe them in, know them to be true, and go take the steps to live your life your very own way.

1.   You must accept and take responsibility for where you are.

You are responsible for your own life, no one else. You are the one who needs to make the change if you’re not happy with where you are. We often lose ourselves in the distractions of technology and celebrity culture, entertainment, food and alcohol, and busy-ness. We get so caught up, no wonder why we don’t change.
Challenge yourself to be different, to accept your flaws and be who you really are. No one else is going to make the change for you. This acceptance is change, learning to love yourself for who you truly are is where true happiness really begins.
2.   Know the direction you want to head in and allow yourself to feel it.
You need to be committed enough to what you really want to change. We have dreams of what we want to be, and it’s understandable that it can be scary to acknowledge what it takes to get there and to actually allow ourselves to feel what living that way would be like.
We tend to be disconnected form our dreams because we’ve been taught to go after what’s sensible and what seems to be the best option. We’re scared of setting our sights too high for fear and disappointment, and settling for what we should do rather than what we want to do.
If you truly want to live life your way, you must step beyond these things. Think about what you really want- dream about it, write  about it, visualize it, and feel it. Feel how it would be to really live your life your own way.
3.   To be successful at this, you need to follow your passions.
Change can be hard, we all know that. It’s challenging facing our fears and demons, stepping further than you have before and making brave decisions. You have to love what you’re working towards, do it with purpose, and when push comes to shove you will always do what you need to do. You won’t succeed in something your half-hearted about, find something that will bring you peace, joy, and happiness, and strive to be just that.
4.   Big changes are all about small steps.
Change is all about taking action, but know that it takes time and you can’t just take a big leap to get there. Figure out your direction in life, take small actions. As this moves you closer, it’s feeding back to you giving you confidence to move onto the next few steps. This is how lives are changed, be confident that you’re doing the right thing.
5.   Finding the right support will make or break you.
To step out or change the life you currently have, it’s essential to have the right support. It can make such a difference having a listening-ear, outside opinion, accountability, challenge, and impetus makes. Seek out others if you know you need change. Go out and expand your horizons, be under the influence of one’s who think bigger, who’ve done what you want to do, and who live the way you want.
6.   Trust that you know best.
Society doesn’t know what’s best for you, only you do. By believing that and acting from that place, you have the power to create great change in your life.
You can live your life your way- no matter what anyone else says, and no matter what the rest of society is doing. If it’s not for you, if you don’t believe in it, and you’re not happy with it, don’t do it.
Go your own way and you’ll build a life beyond your wildest dreams!
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Let’s Get Creative This Halloween!

Sure it’s a couple months away, but why not get started now and leave other’s speechless? Halloween is that time of year where you have the freedom to be whatever you want to be, so let’s take the time to get creative with it. Aren’t you sick of seeing the same costumes every year, or worried about someone having the same idea as you? It’s always much more interesting to create your own ideas and personality for an exclusive image, which can almost guarantee that you won’t have a twin at the party.
Let’s get a little flirty and show off our figures this year, not hide it under some loose fitting attire from some costume shop. Adding a corset to your attire can help do just that, resulting in a fabulously sexy costume! Here, we’ve come up with a few ways you can use corsets to build a costume:
  1. Steampunk or Goth Style: Our high quality Steampunk corsets are an overall great choice for that Victorian Era look! Dress it up with one of our skirts, a pair of boots, and a top hat and you’ll have all eyes on you! Any black corset would also work for any dark character, like a vampire or gothic bride, which would fit perfectly with our black lolita skirt and thigh high stockings. Add your favorite heels will leave you feeling so dark, sexy, and bad on this spooky night!
  2. Bridal Style or Fairy: There are many ways you can be formal on Halloween, by being you’re zombie bride or psycho killer prom queen. Add a corset under your form fitting dress for that hourglass bodice, or even pair it with a skirt for that ultimate sex appeal. Add a tutu and some wings with one of our green corsets, and it will leave you feeling like you’re Tinker Bell!
  3. Corset Over A Blouse: Find a soft or lacy peasant top and cover it with one of our beautiful underbust corsets for that saloon girl look, or even a lady from the Old West with a flowing skirt. If you’re looking for more of a cowgirl look, pair it with your skinny jeans and cowboy boots. Our z069 leather lambskin corsets would suit well for this look, don’t forget your hat for that overall cowgirl look!
  4. Burlesque and Showgirls: Have you ever seen the movie Burlesque, and just wished you can look that great on stage? This is your time, ladies. Our fashion overbust corsets help fulfill this look instantly when paired with our ruffle shorts or skimpy tutus (more clothing is also optional if desired). For instance, our d068 collection works great with a variety of colors just for you. If you’re going for the Showgirl, our a3056 purple sequin corset would also be an excellent choice!
  5. Vintage Style: Have no fear of the fitted bodice when you’ve got a corset underneath! Marilyn Monroe, along with many other women in the 50’s and 60’s, styled their attire with girdles and corsets for the highly desired hourglass shape. Many corsets will get the job done beautiful for this look, including our popular underbust waist training corsets.

Have some fun and don’t wait last minute to really bring out your creativity. We all have it in us, ladies!

Happy planning!

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Top 7 Essential Oils & Their Benefits

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How to Properly “Season” Your Corset

When you first put on your brand new steel boned corset, you will quite literally achieve instant results that you’ll love. In a matter of time, your waist will go from its original size, down to about 4”-6,” which is a very impressive difference! This can be so tempting that you’ll keep wanting to tighten the laces even more for even quicker results, but it’s very important to stay patient in the waist training process for your own health and comfort.

We use the term “season,” which basically means to “break in” your corset, to properly mold the garment to the shape of your body. This is an essential step in the waist training process and it is imperative that you allow yourself 7-10 days to season the corset accordingly. For instance, you want to wear it for no more than 2-4 hours per day, not tightened to its full capacity, gradually increasing the tightness and duration of wear each day.

By not seasoning your corset properly, you risk damaging your corset by warping the busk and bones, even causing them to bend or break. It also has the potential to compromise the fabric, causing it to wear and tear because it’s still rigid from never being worn on a body before.

The heat from your body play an important role during this process by warming up the bones and busk, allowing them the time they need to not just form and mold to your body, but also to accentuate them to their full potential.

Most importantly, other than avoiding immediate damage to your corset or injury to yourself, seasoning your corset properly will most definitely increase its lifespan. So again, be patient and allow the corset to shape to your curves and you will be ecstatic about your results. Our high quality steel boned corsets here at The Fashion Corset Shop are worth the investment, so take advantage of them for a long time to come!

Guide to Seasoning Your Steel Boned Corset

WEEK ONE: Maximum 2” Reduction


Time Wearing Corset

1, 2

1 Hour

3, 4

1 ½ Hours


2 Hours


2 ½ Hours


3 Hours

WEEK TWO: Maximum 2” Reduction

8, 9

3 ½ Hours


4 Hours


4 ½ Hours


5 Hours


6 Hours

Proceed at Your Level of Comfort

Until next time,

Happy Seasoning!

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Ways to Style Your Corset

There are so many ways to style your corset, especially with the wide range of fashion trends these days. Corsets are generally considered as a type of lingerie or an undergarment, but some of the products are just too beautiful to hide sometimes, and you should have the freedom to express your style in whichever way you choose. This is where underwear can, and should, become useful as outerwear as well.

  • Of course, we’ll start with the bedroom look. Spice your corset up with a pair of black lace panties and some thigh high stocking, or even one of our popular garter belts. Top it all off with some of your favorite heels, and you’ll have your partner going crazy! It’s your time to bring out your ultimate sexy, ladies!
  • Waist training is also very popular way of using the corset as an undergarment, for that flattering hourglass figure. You can easily hide this garment under everyday loose-fitting clothes, helping you feel a little more confident in your own skin. Vintage wearers can, too, find these garments useful in their fitted bodice and natural waistline shaped dresses.
  • Now that we have the basic look of the corset covered, let’s play around with showing it off in public! You can turn your garment into the main feature of your outfit by under-dressing the rest of your attire. Try pairing it up with a pair of jeans and creating more attention to your desirable top. You obviously want to be sure that this is an overbust styled corset so your girls are appropriately covered, and by all means looking totally fab!
  • Now, if your goal isn’t to stand out too much, it’s always an option to team it up with a pair of high-waisted trousers for a stunning look for more of a classy jumpsuit. This can also work with a high-waisted pencil skirt for the look of a dress, and so very seductive!
  • If you’re wanting a little more coverage for your shoulders or arms, add a cute cardigan for a toned down, girly look and it’s more useful for an everyday wearer. It also looks stunning under a suit or jacket, adding a perfect feminine touch to your not so girly-girl!
  • Any soon to be brides out there?! Corsets are perfect for weddings! Bridal gowns with corset-inspired bodices are very common for cinching in the waist and having a beautiful and romantic lace-up back. Some women choose to wear the garment under the dress, but that also depends on how easy it would be to hide it under the many style of gowns there are. An alternative way to wear it as a dress, is to pair the overbust corset, in place of the bodice, with a full Cinderella skirt and there you have a gorgeous wedding gown!
  • The Steampunk fashion is also an ongoing popularity in corsetry. This look dates back to the Victorian Era in the 19th century where women typically featured steam-powered machinery. This style is most drastic at Steampunk conventions worldwide, so look around in your area if this sounds like an interest to you!

So, again, no need to hide that beautiful garment. Show it off and express yourself in your own way!

Until next time, Happy Corseting!

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Thinking About Sleeping in Your Corset? Here’s Some Tips!

A common question I get asked is whether it’s recommended to sleep in a corset or not. If your intention is to waist train, then my answer would be YES! Sleeping in your corset is an excellent way to accelerate your goals, literally because your training while you’re sleeping! Some people may have daily routines that may interfere with their ability of wearing a corset, and being able to wear one at night allows these women to waist train. An important thing to remember though, is that not all women are the same! Everyone has their own rate of progress, so we have listed a few tips here before you consider taking your waist training to bed.

Before you decide to wear your corset to bed, you want to avoid eating late so you don’t feel so bloated to the point where it’s uncomfortable to even wear the garment. It’s also essential to settle in and get comfortable in your corset before you lie down for bed, so we suggest wearing it an hour or so before to make sure it’s laced appropriately to your comfort for a good nights sleep. It may also be helpful to keep a glass of water next to your bed to stay cool and hydrated.

It’s extremely important to keep the corset comfortable on the body and not too tight so you can breathe soundly during your sleep. It’s just like when your first start wearing your corset, you’re not used to the compression of your midsection, and you gradually need to ease into it according to your level of comfort. By nature, we all use our diaphragm to breathe- and the feeling of ‘not being able to breathe’ is caused by the restriction of the diaphragm expansion. The key waist training in your sleep is to discipline yourself, and change the way you breathe in your corset as a more natural response.

The norm for tight lacing is chest breathing, which may take much time, patience, and practice to get used to this new method of breathing. You want to focus on changing your breathing from the low position of the diaphragm to high in the chest for living and sleeping well in your corset. It’s common that if you train yourself at something, you’ll eventually get better at it; so if you train for chest breathing during the days, then it will obviously be much easier to adjust to it! Remember, it’s most important to be patient with this change in your breathing habits, but soon enough your body will adapt. That’s exactly what this concept is about- making a new natural state of being with what we impose our bodies to do! Dedication and discipline will most definitely bring out these changes to transform your body in exactly what YOU want it to be.

Until next time, sleep tight!

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Some Advantages and Considerations When Purchasing A Corset

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Tips on Transforming Your Dream Body

A huge mistake that we’re all guilty of making that we wish to have someone else’s perfect body. We’re constantly looking at magazines and not realizing that with today’s photoshop artists, they actually help make their bodies look that way. In actuality, we need to follow some simple advice to seek your own best body. Instead of trying to look like someone else, you want to reasonably pursue your best body and be proud of who you are!

1. Eat Right & Drink lots of Fluids

Ladies, whoever said that skipping meals and starving yourself was the way to go, was wrong. Crash diets can send your body into starvation mode leaving you with no energy to get through the day. You want to eat regularly, about 4-5 small meals a day while emphasizing in lean meats, vegetables, some fresh fruits, healthy fats, and an appropriate amount of good carbs. Also, don’t think the occasional treat will ruin your diet, once you’re filled up on protein and vegetables, feel free to add your favorite sweet for dessert! As for fluids, drink more so it can help keep you from being hungry!

2. Target Fat Loss

I’m not talkin’ that you have to completely go bust your butt in the gym. Cardio is a great way to lose fat, but with cardio alone you won’t get your dream body. The problem with cardio for fat loss is that the more you do, the better you get and the less effective it becomes. To continue the process of getting rid of fat, you need to work the whole body with light weights to see more definition.

3. Time to Tone it Up

Many women who venture into the world of weights think that they should do specialized toning routines for specific areas on the body that they want to improve. This usually results in small isolation exercises done with low weight and a ridiculous amount of reps. You obviously need to begin with lighter weights and work your way up the scale for further definition. Instead of plateauing and staying at the same weight, lower your reps and increase the weight to build more strength and tone without size when you’re ready. The best way to target your “problem spots” is through total body training with hard exercises and good nutrition.

4. Prioritize Your Posture & Minimize Core Training

Of course, I’m going to mention our stunning Waist Training Corsets selection. The corset cinches in at the waist resulting in the most desirable hourglass figure for us woman, being thin and curvy! With waist training, over time your waist can potentially appear smaller once you get on a good routine. You also will see quite the improvement in your posture when wearing a corset as its steel boning prevents your from doing any bending.



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Being Healthy Leads to Happiness

It’s an obvious statement when we say that the most important ingredient to being your best self and living your best life… is you. You do it for yourself. Your body is your temple and sometimes we get too busy to take care of ourselves, we run out of the time and energy. It’s funny though, the only way to give yourself more energy is to nurture yourself: your mind, body, and soul.

“#1 Health Rule: Give yourself permission to be healthy… Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”- Michelle Obama

I understand we all have different priorities, but what a difference it can make when you can get some time to yourself, doing something your mind and body enjoy doing. Do yourself a favor, unearth yourself from your busy schedules and every day demands. Listen to your body, what do you feel it needs at this moment? If you need to be refreshed, then rest; if you need more energy, then move; do you need to clear your head or maybe just need some silence, then take a break and get some fresh air. Most often, it’s our daily routines that get in the way preventing us from having time for self-care. Try and work it in to your daily grind and let yourself seek balance to feel happy, healthy, and have the ability to find your own personal space. It all starts with your attitude, so look forward to the positive change you’re trying to make in your life and it WILL make a difference.

Focus on being the greatest version of YOU!





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